Akuisi Farmers Company members decry delayed title deeds despite President’s directive

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A section of members of the Akuisi Farmers Company within Solai,location of Rongai Sub county in Nakuru have raised concerns over delayed titling despite the President’s directive on free title deeds to all members.

They say the delay has led to the  grabbing of public utilities within Solai Ndungiri Block 12-Akuisi Cattle dip plot number 21,Police post plot number 1297,1298 and the Coffee factory plot number 678.among them

The members who addressed press in Solai-Ndungir  on Thursday argue that the President’s directive came even after some members had paid Ksh 10,000 per share to process issuance of title deeds.

Led by Simon Kimani , they say their chair Mr.Kagai informed members that their Ksh 1.6 million  paid by some members for the titling process was intact in the company’s bank account and would be refunded to members immediately after the issuance of free title deeds by the President.

The members are however bitter that that the money is yet to be refunded.

“The money is yet to be returned and we also 570 members are yet to get title deeds” said Kimani.

They add that following the presidents’ directive to issue title deeds to all members in February 2019  1/3  of members were issued while 2/3 of members are yet to be issued.

Their worry is that the status of these title deeds is still unknown as they are under the name of Akuisi Farmers Company in the Lands Ministry Nakuru.

In a letter to the County Criminal Investigation office, the irate members further claim that the Directors of Akuisi have transferred the Company head office from Akuisi Farm to hired private office unknown to members.

The move, they say has made it impossible for members to reach them.

Their call is now to the government agencies to facilitate the issuance of title deeds to all public utilities, facilitate government surveyor to mark boundaries to all public utilities and facilitate issuance of title deeds to the remaining members.

They are also appealing for investigations and audit of the company.

David Macharia on his part reiterating that after the President’s directive on titling, some members did not get.

He has appealed to President through Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya  to intervene in the issue.

“Let the national government intervene in this matter of Akuisi Farmers Company” said Macharia.

Hesbon Muigai calling on the national government to step in and safeguard public utilities from land grabbers.

He says some individuals have begun interfering with schools such as Akuisi Primary school, factories.

“The government should ensure public utilities are protected” he said.

Area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae while commending the President on the free titling program, said it was wrong for some directors to demand money from members.

He has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and stop those interfering with the process of titling.

“The President had good aim for the people and that is why I want tio appeal to him through the Regional Commissioner to visit this area and ensure smooth process so that we can see development” said Mbae.

Our attempts to reach the leadership of Akuisi Farm directors over the matter was futile as phones went unanswered.