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Okiki: Kaptembwa Police station operations being interfered with by political wing

A Nakuru Town West Politician has called on Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya to intervene in what he terms is Kaptembwa Police station being interfered with by political wing over a matter concerning London residents.

Hezron Okiki says residents of London petitioned their grievances to Natembeya who mandated DCI Kaptembwa Police station to do investigations.

However, the ODM politician claims instead of doing investigations, the DCI gave the letter to a politician who instructed CDF fund manager Nakuru town West constituency to write a letter to one of CDF employee to show course why she should not be disciplined since the politician suspects she is the person leaking the information.

In an interview, Okiki claims that Kaptembwa Police station is run by area politician and anyone seeking justice in the said police station should be in for a rude shock.

Nakuru Town West ODM politician Hezron Okiki at a past media address.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Okiki who unsuccessfully contested the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket in 2017, now says if the issue will not be re-looked into then he will mobilize residents for peaceful demonstrations at Kaptembwa Police Station for it to attain it’s independence.

He says as residents they will not sit down and watch as a Police station is run by a politician with intimidation to some officers.

“This is something that we are not going to accept.A police station should be independent to serve the interests of the common man, no an individual or even a politician. If Natembeya will not intervene then we shall have no other option but to hold demonstrations demanding independence of Kaptembwa Police station” said Okiki.

Okiki also re-visiting the incident in which he claims he was assaulted at the Kaptembwa Police station for fighting for the rights of Nakuru West residents.

He says he never got justice in the whole issue.


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