Relocation of stages has paralyzed management of matatus -Operators Association

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The move by county government of Nakuru to relocate matatus from CBD to the new stages as a measure to combat spread of COVID-19 has continued to impact negatively on matatu business.

The most hit are the town service matatu operators under their various Saccos.

According to the Nakuru Matatu Association Chairman Francis Njoroge, the relocation of the stages has paralyzed the matatu operations.

Njoroge says the management of the matatus, drivers and touts has been a challenge since the relocation as vehicles were pushed far away from their permanent offices in town.

“It has been not easy to manage the operations of the matatus since the relocation to the new stages” he said.

The Nakuru Matatu Association Chairman has called on Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to hear their grievances over the issue and seek amicable solution.

Njoroge adds that if the matter is not addressed then there will be more confusion in Nakuru with matatus now carrying passengers from any corner due to lack of proper management.

According to the operators, stages, where they were relocated to, are making business hard for them due to unfavorable conditions.

The county coronavirus emergency response committee ordered all public service vehicles out of the CBD as a containment measure against the spread of coronavirus.

They were relocated to Ziwani stage,KFA, kwa Jack, and railways grounds-all out of town.

The relocation was part of the county’s strategy of decongesting the central business district.

In May, Members of the Nakuru County Assembly criticized Governor Lee Kinyanjui over the move to relocate matatu terminus and main market to the outskirts of the town.