COVID-19: Matatu operators fault Governor Kinyanjui


Matatu business persons in Nakuru town have refuted reports from Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui that they are greatly violating COVID-19 guidelines.

The operators says the report is not in order as they have continued to comply with the guidelines.

In a press statement to newsrooms,the town service operators have hit out at Kinyanjui over the sentiments.

Led by their chairperson Francis Njoroge,the operators however the governor is to blame for creating new matatu stages without even considering their welfare.

Njoroge says, “whenever it rains the situation becomes parthetic with passengers having to crowd in one or few vehicles available due to lack of shelters/shades at the new stages”.

He adds that the new stages are ‘shamba-like’ and with rains the vehicles get stuck in mud forcing locals to push them hence risking their lives.

He says before the governor can fault the matatu operators,he should first of all ensure the stages are in order.

According to him,the guidelines on testing of passengers is not practical right now as new stages are much far from the booking offices since relocation.

The town service matatu operators now want the county boss to act and address the challenges at the new matatu stages.

They say Kinyanjui should emulate Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama who has been help to the matatu operators since their relocation to the new station during the COVID-19 pandemic.